I said in my last post that I wouldn’t be creating any new tomato-themed images, but I spoke too soon.  The above image is a homage to my new Wonderful Wonderful WonderBra.  This bra is a miracle of design, that other women should know about if they don’t already know.  Also, purchasing my new bra sparked in me the realization that the collection of tomato-themed images in this blog would not be complete without an image of tomatoes reinvisaged as breasts.

This is especially true since I’ve used captions for the images that incorporate the French term for tomatoes, “pommes d’amour”, that literally translates into “love apples”, which is a slang term in English for breasts.  It’s not a slang term that is popular in these parts (‘melons’ is a more popular term here, or ‘knockers’, or the widely-popular ‘boobs’, or even just ‘tomatoes’), but when some English speakers who know at least a little French mentally translate “pommes d’amour” into “love apples” they may immediately think of breasts.  (Perhaps “pommes d’amour” is itself sometimes used as a French slang term for breasts.  I don’t know.)

I’m not new to WonderBras in general.  WonderBra has a model that has been my mainstay, everyday, bra for roughly thirty years, in all the colours in which they make it.  As far as I can tell, they haven’t changed that model at all in all the years I’ve been buying it.  But when I was looking at that model last week, the price had crept up to $40 (before tax), which seemed like an awful lot to be paying for a basic, everyday, bra, so I kept looking.  In the past, I wouldn’t have bought what was labelled as a “sports bra” unless I was going to use it specifically for sports, but I lucked upon a single WonderBra “low-impact” sports bra in my size, on sale for half-price (the regular price was almost as much as the other bra), that had some similarities with my mainstay bra, that was relatively attractive as well as being functional, so I thought I’d give it a try.     


With the special mesh areas for ventilation, it’s great for wearing in the summer heat–although, apart from a few relatively hot days last week when I got to test the garment in the heat, we haven’t had much of that this summer in Vancouver.  (I stayed at home this weekend doing graphics on my iPad, instead of going to the beach as I had planned.)  I also like the width of the straps, a little wider than the straps of most bras, so there is better support.  All in all, it’s so very comfortable, while doing the job it’s supposed to do of providing support and giving the breasts a pleasant shape.  I highly recommend this WonderBra model to women like myself who may have stuck with a model of bra they’ve liked for years, or even for decades, not realizing there have been some advances in the design of bras in recent years–or to anyone else who needs a good, everyday, bra.

Incidentally, I didn’t know until I was doing a little research for this post that the WonderBra was invented in Canada.  In 2007, in a survey done by CBC, the basic WonderBra design was ranked by Canadians 5th out of the top 50 greatest Canadian inventions.  Apparently, the brand started to gain international prominence only in the 1990s.  By then, I’d already been wearing my basic WonderBras for a couple of decades–but this new WonderBra sports bra beats them all.  It is indeed Wonderful, Wonderful.

I don’t think the image I’ve created of “love apples” is quite as successful as the bra itself (the tomatoes may be a little lopsided); but it has been duly added to the gallery of key images from this blog included in the preceding post, “The Final Tomatoes Diary Post.”

I hope my readers are enjoying their summers.  While I’ve been tieing up loose ends on this blog, I’ve been thinking about my new blog, that I plan to have up and running in the early fall.  I have a name for it now, which I’ve registered with WordPress, but I won’t divulge the name until the blog has some content. 


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