I decided in early November to turn the diary I started keeping in late September about my experiences this year growing my first crop of tomatoes, including related photographs I’ve taken and images I’ve created using graphics tools on my new iPad, into the beginnings of a blog.

My decision to include in this blog material I had prepared prior to launching the blog and the fact that, when I was preparing the material, the events I was addressing generally had occurred a few months earlier, have resulted in my first few posts having some chronological peculiarities that I thought I should clarify at the outset. I have posted the material that I prepared prior to starting this blog as six separate posts, organized basically by months, beginning with a post titled JUNE 2011. (June was when I started growing my tomatoes.) For September, due mainly to a surfeit of material for this month, there are two posts, organized according to ‘ripeness’. (This will make greater sense if you look at the posts.) The “publication dates” I’ve used for these six posts are staggered at one-week intervals (October 1st for the post titled JUNE 2011, October 8th for the post titled JULY 2011, and so on) roughly corresponding to when I finished writing the material for each of the posts. Of course, the material wasn’t actually posted until November.

Regarding the graphic elements I’m using in this blog, basically speaking, it’s all my work. (To date, I’ve also included just one logo and one small ‘celebrity’ photograph I’ve copied and pasted from the Internet.) Before I acquired my iPad, I had taken some basic photographs of my tomato plants with my inexpensive digital camera, some of which I’ve included in the preliminary, monthly, entries. These photographs are very different in quality from the later photographs and images that evolved once I got my iPad, and recognized, and started to explore, its capabilities in the area of graphic arts. (The above image, that I’ve used to kick off this blog, started as a photograph I took with the iPad, which I then altered using an iPad app.)

Also, for those readers who aren’t especially interested in tomato-growing, or in images of tomatoes, of any kind, it’s possible you may still be interested in this blog, especially after the first few monthly entries (particularly June through August) are out of the way. The genesis of this project was in my experiences growing actual tomatoes, and those first few monthly entries are mostly about literal tomato-growing; but, as the project evolved, tomato-growing, and tomatoes, acquired a more symbolic value.

The basic long-term plan for The Tomatoes Diary is weekly, or bi-monthly, postings, beginning in December, continuing with tomato-themed graphics, but covering various topics of interest to me–including books, film, and education. Further details are provided in the November post titled THE BLOG BEGINS! 


Pamela Third





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